The Oxbow/Masardis Snowmobile Club

The Oxbow/Masardis Snowmobile Club is a small club located in Aroostook County along the headwaters of the Aroostook River.  The club maintains over 80 miles of trails in more than 12 towns in 2 counties.  We maintain 40 miles of ITS 85 and 20 miles of ITS 86 in addition to 20 miles of connecting club trails.

The club uses state of the art grooming equipment valued at more than two hundred thousand dollars.  We also have well trained groomer operators with more the 75 years of combined experience.

Big Changes coming to Oxbow

For many years Oxbow had two great Lodges that welcomed sledders, the Oxbow Lodge and the Homestead Lodge. Both offered sledders good food and the needed services. Last year we lost the Oxbow Lodge to a fire. The Homestead Lodge tried to accommodate the flow of sledders on ITS 85 but the limited hours of operation and available services made it challenging for sledders at times.

Great Trails

Our trails connect with 3 other trail systems Shin Pond, Houlton and Ashland.


Glen and Ann Kleinfelter have purchased the lodge and have great plans to expand and improve the business. They both are outdoor people and have traveled all around the country and know what it takes to make a first class lodge. Currently they have a very successful recreational business in Pennsylvania and have a long history of providing top quality service to their customers.

Snow in Oxbow!

The Oxbow area is in a snow belt that offers great snow each year. If there is snow anywhere in Northern Maine we have it here in Oxbow.
Deer in Oxbow Maine

Oxbow Wildlife

Oxbow has an abundance of wild life to view in the winter.

Oxbow is home to hundreds of deer during the winter, snowmobilers should bring a camera but be careful while riding through the area.